Why is Las Vegas Called Sin City, Anyway?

If you’re planning travel to Las Vegas, it’s inevitable that you will hear the place referred to as “Sin City,” one of its many nicknames. But what is the origin of this moniker?

Although at its core “Sin City” means basically what you’d expect, there are a couple of misconceptions associated with its use. The basic idea behind “Sin City” is that Las Vegas is a city that caters to many popular vices, including sex (strip clubs, prostitution, etc), casino gambling, and drug and alcohol use. Some people consider these activities to be immoral, hence Vegas-goers are engaging in “sin.”

But the first common misconception relating to the name “Sin City” has to do with the first of those vices. Some believe that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, but this is in fact not the case. Instead, it is the state of Nevada where it is legal (the only state where this is true) but it is only in effect for certain counties. Clark County is not one of them. But in certain areas of “Sin City” it is an unwritten rule that the police will not crack down on such activities as long as the workers and clients do not loiter in public for too long. In addition, much of the reason behind the nickname is actually a very different sin: organized crime. Many infamous mobsters were involved in the development of the city back in the early 20th century (source).

Another interesting tidbit in the history of “Sin City” is the differing attitudes regarding the name. Some assume that sentiment in Las Vegas regarding “Sin City” has remained constant throughout the years, but it has gone through various distinctive periods. For example, in the 1980s the industries were trying to market Las Vegas as a more family-friendly destination, so the “sin city” angle was discouraged. But these days it’s back in full force, as evident by marketing phrases such as “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” (source).

Other Popular “Sin Cities” Around the World in Addition to Vegas

Another misconception is that the name is exclusive to Vegas, but in reality, this is not the only “Sin City.” On the contrary, the Wikipedia page explains that Sin City refers to any urban area that caters to the aforementioned vices, as well as things like a big club scene or even organized crime. These activities may either be legal or illegal but in general are tolerated by local authorities.

Other “Sin Cities” include Bangkok, Thailand; Beirut, Lebanon; Macau, China; Prague, Czech Republic; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and many more.

Other cities around the world used to have the “sin city” reputation but have since cleaned up their act, including Shanghai and even New York City.

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