What to Do for Thanksgiving in Vegas?

There are numerous circumstances that could lead to you spending Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. Maybe a relative decided on a big family trip to celebrate the holiday. Or maybe you’re heading there to get away from the family! Whatever the reasoning behind it, there’s always a lot going on in Vegas and Thanksgiving is no exception.

The big advantage of spending Thanksgiving in Vegas is the staggering variety of meals and activities that will be in front of you.

Just about all Vegas restaurants, from buffets to luxurious spots to cheap eateries, will be doing some sort of Thanksgiving special dinner, ranging from traditional to quite experimental.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland explained the options well: “Virtually every elite restaurant on the Strip remains open and cooks a turkey dinner with all the trimmings that blows away the meal your aunt was going to slave over all day. Chances are that your aunt wasn’t preparing pumpkin risotto, foie gras creme brulee, or toasted cinnamon ice cream. If turkey isn’t your favorite, restaurants offered alternate options like bison tenderloin, Australian Kobe beef, and bourbon barrel-aged ham.”

Depending on your budget you can easily drop way over $100 at one of these elite spots, or stuff yourself on about $15 if you want to hunt down a deal.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of these Thanksgiving dinners are quite popular, especially on and near the strip, so be prepared to spend some time waiting if you go during standard meal hours.

After dinner, there are a number of fun Thanksgiving activities to do in Vegas. You might consider going to a cheap show for some entertainment, or grabbing a cocktail and hitting up a nightclub.

The Vegas.com blog listed 10 of the best thanksgiving dinners found in Vegas and they included the Bellagio, the Palazzo and Caesar’s.

Best Thanksgiving Dinners in Las Vegas for 2012

There will be no shortage of options this year for good Thanksgiving dinners in Vegas. Some of the most promising are the First Food and Bar at the Palazzo which is serving up a luxurious feast.

Tender Steak and Seafood at the Luxor is also serving up a special three-course feast on Thanksgiving day.

And if you’re looking for something cheap, the Gold Spike Hotel & Casino will be putting on a very affordable $8.95/plate meal from Wednesday to Thursday of Thanksgiving week. (source)

You can also look at the official sites of some of the more popular buffets at the big Vegas spots such as the Bellagio and the Wynn to see their spread and Thanksgiving prices.

These options are only beginning; the sky is really the limit for Thanksgiving in Vegas since there are so many diverse options. If you like your classic turkey with all the trimmings, it won’t be hard to find, but if you want to try something new and exciting you also won’t have to go far.

Do you know of any other good places to spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, for both the big meal and for entertainment before and after? If so let us know in the comments below!

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