Tips To Spend Your Christmas Cheaply In Vegas

Christmas is one of our most celebrated holidays, so it goes without saying that during that time Las Vegas fills up with people from all walks of life. People visit Vegas since it’s the best place on earth to unwind and make merry. You too can make your dream come true by the following these tips:

1. Early Bookings

Hotel rates changes with the time and season. Hotels charge cheaper rates for early bookings since they are able to plan on how many visitors to expect way before the season starts. Therefore,

  • Hotel Booking: Make a booking 6 months prior to your visit. The rates are usually low and can be as low as half price. It is also much better since you have a wide range of hotels to choose from.
  • Flight Booking. Advance booking of your flight will not only land you on the seat you wanted but will be cheaper on you. Don’t say you were not told-I let the cat out of the bag.

2. Hotel Membership

Many hotels in Vegas offer membership services. It is a way that is beneficial to you and to the hotel. How you benefit:

· You get a discount each time you visit the hotel

· The hotel rates do not fluctuate according to seasons

3. Cheap Gaming

Casino games are the main attraction to Vegas and locals say the adrenaline rush involved while gaming makes it even more exciting. Play without losing your home or car by playing blackjack, craps and roulette.

The following is a list of places to play:

  • Poker Palace. You will find this joint on the northern part of Vegas. You don’t expect to play a 1-dollar game in a 5 star hotel if you get what I mean? The place flocks with people and you won’t mind playing several games after a win.
  • Eldorado. It is a cheap Casino located at the old town in Vegas. It is of middle class and you can gamble at 2-dollar a game.
  • Casino Royale, Hooters. It is a good place to test your technique before the big boys come. The place is fun and offers 50 cents a throw.

4. Where to visit for Free:

You may not be rich enough to spend your Christmas holiday in the Bellagio but you can have as much fun as the one who slept there and it won’t cost you a penny.


  • Sam’s Town. It is a great place with Mystic Falls Park. It is ideal if you love art and creativity at its best. They also offer free transport.
  • Venetian. You can walk around the man-made canals-a replica of Venice canals. It is beautiful and I bet you will love it.
  • Wynn Lass Vegas. It has a man-made mountain and showcases human inventions. You are allowed to walk in a garden of flowers similar to another in Bellagio.
  • Mirage. It is made up of a huge aquarium and is a pretty cool place. Try visiting the place and you may spend hours wondering.
  • The Squad. You will love this place especially if you are a car fan. It has nice old school collection and it’s free. Apply for ESTA today. A successful application will allow you 90 days stay in the U.S either for pleasure or on business.

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