Tipping in Las Vegas: A Guide to Proper Etiquette

When you’re looking for an affordable Vegas vacation, you want to cut back on costs wherever you can, but tipping is one area where you shouldn’t be completely stingy.

Las Vegas is a city which is run on services. Food, entertainment, nightlife, gaming: it’s all made possible by the hard work of many individuals. And since these types of service jobs do not pay a huge wage, tipping is expected. Although you technically could get by without spending much, if any, in this area, it’s really not a good idea. These are the people you’re interacting with during your time in Vegas, and it’s expected that you’ll be helping them out in the form of tips. If you keep every single penny for yourself, you can expect that they won’t try very hard to make your experience a good one.

At the gaming tables, some people neglect to tip the dealer if they are losing, thinking that he or she is responsible for that loss. Don’t confuse the dealer working for an hourly wage with the casino owners who are raking in the huge net profits. Your dealer has nothing to do with your outcome, and he or she will be pulling for you to win. Be sure to tip him or her regardless of your current standing at the table, and you will find your time at the tables much more enjoyable.

Now it’s not always the case that the visitor refuses to tip. Sometimes, especially if you are not used to tipping, you may just forget to slip a service person a couple of bucks. To help you avoid this, here is a list of people you should be tipping during your trip to Vegas. Be aware that these are just general ideas of what you might want to tip them, not absolute guidelines.

People to tip at your hotel:

maids (a couple bucks a day), bellman ($1 or $2 per bag), room service (a few bucks, but can depend on the total bill of your order), concierge (if you have a concierge reserving a show or dinner for you, tip them about 15% of the total), waitress/waiter at the hotel buffet ($1 to $2 if they are refilling your drinks)

Other People to Tip

Taxi drivers (15% of the cost), dealers (some pay either by hour/half hour, after winning big hands, or a percentage after they leave the table. Again, don’t neglect to tip if you are losing!), drink servers ($1 to $2 per round of drinks)

You can also give tips in the form of casino chips in most situations. Most of the time, service workers will be equally happy as cash or a tip on your credit or debit card.

Finally, even if you get lucky and receive any of these service as comps (for free), this does not affect the tip. Be sure to remember to tip your service person.

You should certainly go out of your way to find discounts in Vegas, but don’t screw over the people who work to make your vacation possible in the first place. Tipping in Vegas is expected, just as anywhere else, and it will make your trip more enjoyable.

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