The Best Las Vegas Sights: Arts, Volcanoes and More

Sin city has been pretty for a long time but that is just what it has been; casually pretty. Today, things have taken another twist. Las Vegas is no longer the pretty city it used to be– it is gleaming, glittering with a luster whose description is beyond words. A jackpot of changes has taken place making the city one of the best holiday destinations for any fun lover. When you visit the city, you will be stunned by the myriad exciting sights you will witness.

Welcome to Las Vegas

The first thing that captivates your eye is the welcome sign. The Welcome to Las Vegas sign is a kaleidoscope of colors. Bewitching and urging you to look at it more and savor its beauty. It was voted as one of the best Las Vegas sights. You should see its multi-colored neon lights that blend artistically so well that you will be tempted to think that they came naturally. The sign invites you to marinate this Sin city. To relish its beauty to satisfaction. You momentarily pause looking at it torso long that you fall into a deep reverie. You are in a fantasy world. It is only when your friend nudges you to go on that you wake up from the day dream. You wonder what the city will look like if the welcome sign is so stunning. You fear that it is just a case of over-promising but under-delivering. So you walk on in awe. Looking out for the compelling ambiance that the welcome sign promised.

The Sirens of TI Show

This is another of Las Vegas must watch attraction sites. It is here where you are spell-bound by how creative the planners of Sin city were in bringing all the world’s best cities under one roof. You get to see Las Vegas faux cities including the ancient Rome, a miniature imitation of Venice and the Eiffel Tower of the lovers city, Paris. Your tour of the Las Vegas faux cities is not yet complete until you see the artificial New York and ride on its roller coasters around a condensed Manhattan skyline.

See the P3Studio at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has amassed all the art collections of the city and put them all under one roof. You only need to walk to the posh P3Studio room to relish the eye-catching exhibitions of David Lachapelle and Kid robot artistic works. And the good thing is that you do not have to pay anything. No, you just carry your eyes and creative imagination and walk in to see what artists of Las Vegas have to offer. As you continue sighing with awe, swirl a glass of wine bought from the Cosmopolitan’s chandelier bar.

 Performing arts

Downtown Las Vegas isn’t as down town as you would expect the backsides of a town to be .It refuses to be boring. What with the street performers on Fremont Street who give you a rare experience of hair-rising performing arts.

Volcano at the Mirage

At 7.00 pm every evening, this spot will always throw fire into Las Vegas amidst a sentimental background soundtrack of Mickey Hart. And the smoke that comes from this volcanic fire isn’t smelly. No, it has been scented with a Pina colada perfume to conceal the otherwise awful smell.

First artistic Friday of the month

Every first Friday of the month from 5 to 11prn, the Las Vegas Arts district opens up with artists vending their live music and carnival games for kids lest they get bored watching adult stuff. An interactive science lab and sold food will also be there to keep your Friday night lively and enjoyable.

A visit to Las Vegas is indeed promising. The amazing sceneries are out of this world; so mind-blowing. So why not apply for Esta and visit this place?

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