Mr. Las VegasDotCom Advertising Campaign: The Guy Who Shares His Name With a Website

We’ve heard stories of people who once lived perfectly normal lives before some new celebrity or popular craze that happens to share their name upsets everything. (Just look up the real-life guys who are named Harry Potter.)

But what if a gentleman was given the name of Las Vegasdotcom many years before the popular Vegas destination website was established?

It may sound like an unlikely premise, but it is the subject of a new $20 million Las Vegas advertising campaign.

In it, the unfortunate Mr. Lasvegasdotcom struggles to get through his day because so many friends, acquaintances and passersby mistake him for the website and badger him with requests for hotel bookings, tickets to Vegas shows, and other amenities.

Other ads depict Las at the DMV, a support group, and a high-school reunion, all with similar results.

As Doug Finelli, creative director of R&R Partners puts it, “there’s no escaping his name!” You can view all the different ad spots here.

In an article on AdAge, Rob Dondero, executive VP of R&R Partners, explains that this latest campaign is aimed at “persuaders:” people who who would like to go to Vegas but found the whole process a bit intimidating and didn’t know where to start. The Mr. Las Vegasdotcom ads are designed to get people to go to the rebranded official Vegas website where they can plan their trip.

We’ve already covered another of R&R Partners’ recent Vegas campaigns, and it will be interesting to see how their new wave of advertising performs. Dondero confirmed that these new ads are not replacing the “What Happens Here” angle, which will be brought back soon in the future.

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