How to Save Money on Drinks in Las Vegas

This post will outline how to save money on your drinks during your trip to Vegas. If you’re trying to enjoy a cheap Vegas vacation, you want to limit your expenses in as many areas as possible. We’ve already covered flights and hotels in depth, and suggested various ways that you can score lower prices and higher satisfaction. But drinks are another area where many people spend much more than they have to. Here are some tips for saving money on your Vegas drinks, and even enjoying some free ones!

Enjoy Free Comped Drinks, But Don’t Forget to Tip

It’s fairly well known that you get complimentary drinks in Vegas when you are playing table games or slot machines. All you have to do is sit down and start playing, and cocktail waitresses will soon be passing by to take your order. Of course, it’s easy to take advantage of this and keep it 100% free by not tipping, but you shouldn’t do this for a couple of reasons.

First, cocktail waitresses do not earn a high hourly wage, so they depend on tips for much of their income. Don’t stiff them when they are going out of their way to bring you free drinks; offer a dollar for each drink they bring you. This is a tiny price to pay for drinks, especially in an environment like Vegas.

Also, they will know who is tipping and who is not, so you can expect to see your waitress a lot more often if you are tipping the recommended $1 per drink. Also don’t be surprised if they mix a drink up a little stronger for the tippers compared to the non-tippers.

Skip the Drinks with Dinner to Save Money

Traditionally, drinks are one of the items with the highest markup at any restaurant, and this is even more so in Las Vegas. If you go out to a nice restaurant for a meal, you can easily blow through a ton of cash if you buy several drinks.

It’s much more effective to seek out a good happy hour special beforehand where you will get a much better deal. Then at the restaurant, you can stick to water or perhaps enjoy one drink if it enhances your enjoyment of the meal as a whole. Then after you are finished, you can either go back to a cheaper location for drinks, or even better, play some table games and enjoy free drinks.

Avoid the Big Clubs/Nightspots for Cheap Vegas Drinks

When you’re talking about drinks during a night out on the town in Vegas, there are a few things to do to save money. First, you should avoid the ritzy nightclubs, or at least limit them to one special night during your trip if you want that experience. There will usually be a high cover charge, and then once you’re inside, the drinks will be extremely expensive. It’s much better to seek out more reasonable bars. If you hunt for drink specials, you’ll usually be able to find some great deals.

I hope this article has been helpful to you, and that you save money on your drinks in Vegas during your next visit!

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