How to Get a Cheap Flight to Las Vegas: Finding Discount Vegas Airfare

One of the biggest factors in a discount Vegas vacation is finding a cheap flight. This makes sense, because airfare will usually be the most significant expense you will incur on your trip. But are there any tactics you can use to save money on your flight to Vegas? This article will go over some tips and strategies to save money on Vegas airfare.

Plan Ahead for Big Savings – The best thing you can do to save money on a Vegas flight is to plan it in advance. If you are trying to book a ticket and leave in the next few days, it will usually be much more expensive. (Also, the flight selection will be much worse.) In contrast, doing it months in advance can save you a huge chunk of money. Now realistically, you won’t always know your future plans perfectly, and this isn’t always possible. In that case, you can sometimes find last-minute deals on flights, but these are more rare. For the most part, the earlier you can book the better.

Shop Around Online to Find Cheap Flights – One great improvement of the past few years is the emergence of discount travel engines that can help you scour the web for the best flights. When planning your trip to Vegas, you should do some internet research on sites like, and to compare rates and see the lowest flights offered. By utilizing multiple sources, that themselves aggregate hundreds of flights, you’ll be much more likely to score a big deal. It can also be a great idea to check out the actual airline websites in addition to these discount retailers, as they will sometimes have exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t Forget Your Other Expenses – You also shouldn’t forget to consider your lodging and other expenses in combination with the flight. To give an example, you will often find cheaper flights on Saturdays, but the rates for hotels will be much higher, so you’ll give that money right back and more. Always remember to factor in what other activities are going to cost you when you fly at a particular date and time.

Prepare For Your Flight and Above All, Relax! – Often the price of the ticket isn’t the only important factor in your trip. If you take a little time to consider the arrangements and do a little planning ahead of your flight, you’ll have a much more enjoyable airline experience. Be sure to bring along something fun to do (a good book, relaxing music, or even a Vegas guide to get you in the right mood) during those times in between flights as well as in the air. If you don’t fly all that often, take a few minutes to read up on the TSA procedures and allowed items so you don’t get flustered or take too much time at the airport. And it always helps to confirm your flight before you leave your house.

In addition, depending on where you are coming from you can save money by driving to Vegas. But remember that the traffic can be bad, especially on Sundays, and that drive home might be a little less fun.

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