How Dumb Luck Could Get You a Free Plane Ticket to Vegas

Recently I had some good fortune at the airport, and it got me thinking about the different ways we might luck our way into free plane tickets. Obviously airfare is one of the biggest expenses when planning a trip to Las Vegas, so if you can somehow score that for free you’re well on your way to an enjoyable vacation!
What happened to me was when I scanned my boarding pass, the worker told me that I’d been upgraded to first class! I wouldn’t say I’m a “power traveler” by any stretch but I do take a decent amount of flights, and this was the first time that had ever happened.
Now of course this wasn’t a free flight per se, just a free upgrade, but I started to think about another thing that happened to me earlier this year at the airport.
The flight next to mine had overbooked, so they were asking if any travelers would be willing to stick around for the day and fly out first thing the next morning.
And boy were they offering up a sweet deal! In addition to the free hotel stay and meal credit, they were offering two roundtrip tickets that could be used anytime in the next year, including international flights!
This happened on AirTran, and I’ve heard reports of other sweet deals that get offered in these situations on a variety of airlines.
Unfortunately this wasn’t on my flight or else I would have jumped on the offer right away. In fact, several people sitting near me who were on my flight were saying they would too. And oddly enough, it didn’t seem like anyone was going for the deal. I don’t know how it eventually ended up.
So how can dumb luck end up giving you a free flight to Vegas? If you are fortunate enough to be able to have some flexibility in your arrival or return times, you can take advantage of these special situations when they come up. Unfortunately it’s impossible to predict when they might occur, but who knows, maybe it’ll happen to you soon.
Of course, there are other ways to earn a free flight to Vegas without having to rely on the luck of the draw and sitting at a hotel for a night. My favorite is signing up for a travel rewards credit card and saving up enough miles to give me a free roundtrip ticket. Also, when you are booking travel be sure to sign up for your airline’s rewards program so that gives you a bonus as well and you can start building up to free travel.
Has luck ever given you a free flight?

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