New Machine Gun Range in Las Vegas Packs Serious Heat

When you’re on a trip to Las Vegas, sometimes you want to blow off a little stream. For some, the best way to do that is to visit a gun range in Las Vegas, which can be quite a thrill and a new experience for many visitors.

There are already a number of gun ranges scattered throughout Las Vegas, but one new establishment seems to blow the others away. I’m talking about Machine Gun Vegas, a place you can try out some incredibly powerful firearms. They offer a large menu of weapons for customers to pick from, including handguns, semi-automatics and full automatics. You can shoot an Uzi, an AK-47, or even a Mossburg 590A1.

Machine Gun Vegas employs a staff of pretty hostesses dressed in skin-tight clothing. While they look similar to the girls you’d find at your hotel casino, instead of getting your drink order they are actually serving you guns!

Gun ranges have long been a popular attraction in Las Vegas for all types of vacationers as well as locals. One group who enjoys them especially are visitors from countries that outlaw guns or put much tighter restrictions on their use. Firing off a few rounds at a target in Vegas might be the only time they get to experience shooting a gun.

Others might not like the idea of shooting weapons on a vacation, but the NYTimes reported that Machine Gun Vegas carefully screens its customers to promote safety and avoid any dangerous situations. Rangers are also around to monitor the customers as they fire away.

Machine Gun Vegas looks to be in a rather modest physical setting, but the interior is anything but, including a special VIP lounge. A number of packages are available, the most expensive of which cost several hundred dollars, but include a large amount of rounds and several guns to try. The gun range’s website also offers a couple of handy coupons, including one for free transportation from your hotel. (The range is located about a half a mile from the Vegas strip.)

If the rest of Las Vegas’s attractions just don’t satisfy your urge for excitement, then you might want to gather up your chips and head off to the machine gun range!

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