Doing Las Vegas Luxuriously

Anyone who has ever been to Vegas knows that half the fun is in making your entrance. Whether you decide to drive into town in a vintage Mercedes a la The Hangover or decide to touch down on the tarmac in a luxurious private jet charter, making the right entrance can set the stage for one of the most luxurious experiences of your life. If you’re looking to do Vegas and do Vegas right, here are a few tips.

Spring For a Private Jet

If you can afford it, this is well worth the money. You will have a crew ready to care for your every need and you will not have to deal with rude passengers, crying babies or terrible in-flight movies. This also works wonderfully if your schedule is up in the air (no pun intended). The plane will not take off until you’re on board so there is no risk of missing your flight due to traffic or a meeting that runs too long.

Dinner at Alex

Chef Alessandro Strata has turned Alex at the Wynn Las Vegas into one of the only Five Diamond Rated Restaurants in the city. The menu is composed primarily of contemporary French cuisine and has become a favorite of regular visitors to the city.

La Reve at Wynn Las Vegas

Continue your night at the Wynn by taking in Le Reve at the Wynn Theatre. The show features a mix of acrobatics and storytelling that bends the imagination and delights all of your senses. The avant-garde artist Moses Pendleton choreographed the entire production and his aesthetic sense is put on full display here. The theatre is constructed in such a way that even the seats in the back offer spectacular views of the action happening on the stage.

Drinks at the Chandelier Bar

The Chandelier Bar is a safe bet to end the night because this is not one bar, but five. The second floor bar features molecular mixology combining nitrogen and flame torches to create cocktails that would make even the most straight-laced chemistry teacher proud. Take in the gorgeous surroundings of this establishment (it’s not called the Chandelier Bar for nothing) as you walk around and enjoy the incredible views of the city.

About the author : Logan is a guest author and private air charter expert. He flies from Teterboro when he is visiting Vegas.

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