Cheap Las Vegas Shows: Tips for Finding Discount Show Tickets

The shows are a big part of what makes Las Vegas unique. I’ve never encountered another city that has quite the same abundance of high-quality entertainment, seemingly at all times.

Vegas shows, however, can be a bit pricy if you don’t know what you’re doing. This article will outline some strategies for finding cheap Vegas shows that won’t cripple your funds. You can even find some shows that you can enjoy without spending a single dime!

Strategies for Finding Cheap Vegas Show Tickets

  • Planning ahead can save you money on your show tickets. If you hit the internet a few months before your trip to Vegas, you will often find some great offers for show tickets if you book in advance.
  • The day of the week can matter significantly when determining show ticket prices. If your vacation includes weekdays, try to plan your show then. The rates will usually be much lower than during the weekend.
  • Taking the initiative and asking about specials at your hotel can be a great strategy to find deals for shows. Any hotel will often offer its guest special deals for shows taking place on their premises. In addition, there are partnerships between many of the large Vegas hotels, and they can often give discounted rates for attending a show located at one of their partner hotels.
  • Finally, you should know your limitations. If you are trying to see one of the hottest shows in Vegas, you will not likely find any sort of discount. The popularity of the top tier shows means there is so much demand that offering discounts would be counterproductive. If you want to see the most prestigious shows in town, like “O,” the “Cirque du Soleil” or a major musical artist, you will most likely have to pony up full price.

Strategies for Finding Free Vegas Show Tickets

  • The simplest way to go to a Las Vegas show for free is to pick one that is free from the start. There are a variety of free shows around Vegas, often as a promotional technique to get you interested in the hotel hosting it. Taking advantage of these free opportunities is a great idea.
  • There are some opportunities to receive free show tickets in exchange for attending a promotional event, usually of the time-share variety. This can be a good opportunity to get free tickets to a quality show, but you should know that the presentations often take several hours and can be a bit high-pressure. You are of course under no obligation to actually purchase, but if you are the type that is easily convinced, you should be very careful!
  • You can also sometimes find free show tickets as part of a larger discount vacation package. This could be found either through your hotel or a third-party booking company. There will usually be an agreement that you must follow, and as long as you complete the terms, you will get your free tickets. Be sure to check what tickets are available, and look closely at the terms before agreeing. You don’t want to miss out on your free tickets because of some technicality.

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