How to Golf For Cheap in Las Vegas: Finding Discounted Golf Courses

When you’re taking a trip to Las Vegas, you can stay committed to saving money while still indulging in some fun activities.

Hitting the golf course is a perfect example of this. Golf is obviously something that will cost you a decent amount of money, but if you know how to take advantage, you can find some great deals and hit the links more cheaply.

How to Save Money Golfing in Las Vegas

1. Recognize the Importance of When You Golf and Choose the Best Times

Wherever you go golfing, the time of day will affect the price significantly. Experienced golfers like to go for a round early in the morning, so in general you will find better rates later in the day. The day you choose to golf is also important. Weekends, especially Sundays, will typically have the highest greens fees as they are the most popular. If you are able to go during the week, you will usually get a much better rate.

Most Vegas courses offer a “Twilight Rate,” which is much cheaper than during normal times. This is always later in the day, but the actual hour it begins will vary.

Also, golf courses have different rates during the year. During the summer when the Vegas heat gets intense, you can get very good deals if you’re willing to brave the high temperatures. Rates during the winter months will usually be relatively inexpensive as well.

2. Consider the Location of the Golf Course

The golf courses located on the strip are in general more expensive than those located a bit of a trip away. There are numerous public courses located a short drive away from the Las Vegas strip. Here are a few of our favorite cheap Vegas courses:

  • Desert Rose Golf Course
  • Las Vegas Golf Club: (This is actually the oldest golf course in Las Vegas in addition to an inexpensive option.)
3. Use a Golf Course Tee Time Broker to Save Money

The standard method is to book a tee time directly with the golf course, but there are also several online services that will act as a golf course broker and can actually save you a large chunk of money on golf in Las Vegas. is one of these services, and they answer the common question of why a golfer should choose to use a broker:

Because we are a discounted broker for all the golf courses, we can offer you a better rate that the golf course charges. On average you will save 15 – 25% from the golf courses stated rates. (source)

4. Get a Package Deal with a Hotel Stay
Many of Las Vegas’s golf courses are owned by some of the large hotels, including the Wynn and Mandalay Bay. If you look around you can find deals which include many amenities, such as a room, gaming and dining credits, and a round on the hotel’s private golf course.
Of course, many of these will be rather expensive, but if you look well in advance of your trip, you should be able to find some special offers.

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