Cheap Food in Vegas: A Guide to Affordable Eating

This article will outline strategies you can use to eat for cheap in Las Vegas. One of the most important parts of a cheap Vegas vacation is how you handle the food you eat. If you take a little bit of time to plan out your meals and follow a few smart suggestions, you can end up saving a lot of money.

This isn’t always easy to do, since we all want to fit as much fun as possible into each day, and it often seems tempting to quickly grab whatever is available. But Vegas businesses want to maximize their profits, so more expensive options are always more readily available and noticeable. It often takes a little hunting to find the real deals, but they are there!

Here are a few of our best tips for saving money on food in Las Vegas

1. Hold the Lavish Drinks

One good tip I like use is to refrain from buying alcohol along with my food. The prices are almost always inflated at most eateries and can make an affordable meal cost much more than you would have expected. Instead, I look for happy hour specials before I eat, and take advantage of free drinks later when gaming.

2. Hit the Buffet, Especially for Lunch

You can often get a great deal by comparing prices at a few buffets around you. While the prices aren’t as amazing as they once were, they still will usually save a significant chunk of money compared to regular sit-down restaurants. Also, if you choose to eat lunch out instead of dinner, there will often be almost the same food at about half of the price.

More Tips for Cheap Las Vegas Eats

In addition, there are several other things you can do to ensure you aren’t paying too much for your meals while in Vegas

3. Make a Dinner Out of A-la-Carte Items

There are plenty of places both on and off the strip where you can grab a hot dog, plate of tacos or sliders at a very reasonable cost. Very often, these snack-like items can easily be parlayed into a full meal.

I’ve often eaten my lunch at a buffet for 1/2 price the dinner cost, and then grabbed a big hot dog for dinner for just a couple bucks.

4. Look Out for Coupons and Use Them

One of the best parts of Las Vegas is the abundance of coupons, and you can find some great ones for meals. Although they change frequently, you will likely encounter many with no strings attached. Sometimes you will get coupons as part of joining the Player’s Club at your hotel. And other will often be packaged together as part of a coupon book that you have to purchase. If your stay is a longer one, or if you will be returning while they are still valid, these can usually be a great deal.

5. Designate One Special Meal for Your Trip

Due to the sheer quality of the finer restaurants both on and off the Vegas strip, it’s easy to indulge and eat at a nice establishment just about every lunch and dinner. But this will drain your wallet very fast, so you really should do some planning ahead of time.

Right when I arrive in Vegas I like to pick one or two meals (depending on the length of the trip) as special occasions, and plan to eat at a nice restaurant. I schedule these close to the end of my stay.

This way, I don’t get carried away by eating at expensive places for too many meals, and I also have something to look forward when I’m eating cheaply the rest of the time. I’ve found this to work very well.

6. Actually Go Shopping and Cook Yourself

Although it might be tough to bring yourself to do this last one, you can save a great deal of money by taking a quick trip to a grocery store off the strip and buying some food. Depending on the type of place you are staying, you might even be able to cook simple meals that can really make a difference on your budget. At the very least, it’s a good idea to pick up some snack foods so you don’t have to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a bag of chips or piece of fruit while you’re hitting the strip. You could also bring some of these snacks from home.


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