Buses to Las Vegas: A Good Option?

When you’re planning your trip to Las Vegas, the first big decision to make is the details of your transportation. We’ve already written about finding affordable flights to Las Vegas, but what if you want to save money and live relatively close to the area? This post will cover taking buses to Las Vegas, especially from California, Utah and Arizona, and also talk about bus transportation in the city itself.

Buses to Las Vegas: Our Recommendations

The most popular destination area to travel to Las Vegas by bus is Southern California, so you will find the widest selection of options if that is where you will be traveling from.

LuxBus America – This company offers daily bus service from Anaheim or Los Angeles California to Las Vegas for the web special rate of $49 one way ($89 round-trip). LuxBus America boasts a lot of convenience on their buses, including free Wi-Fi access, LCD TVs showing movies, Satellite radio, and even on-board attendants for food and drink orders during your trip.

Greyhound Lucky Strike Casino Service – Las Vegas – If you are coming from somewhere other than Southern California, Greyhound offers a pretty amazing service. Their “Lucky Strike” trips provide bus service straight to downtown Las Vegas from a number of locations, and the round-trips are open-ended, meaning that you are free to return whenever you like. This allows for you to extend your stay if you end up on a hot streak, or get out of town fast if you spend your budget in the first few days and don’t want to dip into your savings.

This Greyhound special service is available for a variety of areas, including San Diego, Riverside, Phoenix, Barstow and more. View all. You can also explore other regular routes from different cities to Las Vegas on Greyhound.

For travelers hoping to head to Las Vegas from Utah can ride the St. George Shuttle, which makes daily trips from Salt Lake City, St. George, Springville and Las Vegas.

In addition to buses, you may want to consider taking an Amtrak train to Las Vegas, as it is in many cases much cheaper than buying a plane ticket and can be convenient depending on where you are coming from.

Bus Routes in Las Vegas

Once you’ve gotten to Vegas, you may still want to use buses to get around in the city, especially if you don’t want to pay for a cab or rent a car. Las Vegas is served bythe Citizens Area Transit, which has several routes around the city. If you have heard of the well-known double decker bus that rides around the Las Vegas strip 24/7, this is a special CAT bus known as The Deuce.

Check out route maps and specials for Las Vegas Buses

We hope this article has answered your questions about taking a bus to Las Vegas. If you have any comments or things that still aren’t clear, please do leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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