Are Las Vegas Golf Packages a Money Saver?

We’ve written articles on both Vegas vacation packages as well as well as finding cheap golf in Vegas. But you might have seen a type of offer that basically bridges these two offerings: the Golf Package. What are these and can they really save you money on your trip to Vegas?

Basically, a Las Vegas golf package is a bundled deal that includes rounds of golf as well as other aspects of your trip. The most common is to see a deal on a package that includes hotel and golf. You usually get one round of golf for each night of your stay, for example a package deal for 4 nights at a particular hotel and 4 rounds on the golf course. But in rarer cases other things will be included, possibly show tickets or even your transportation to Vegas.

You will want to inspect the fine print on these deals at all times. There will likely be limitations on the tee times you can have, for example. It is common for your golf rounds to only be redeemable in the afternoons, even though the morning is the most popular time to golf. Often a hotel will have deals with several different Vegas golf courses, so you sometimes have your pick. If this is the case you should investigate the different offerings to determine the one that looks most appealing to your game. You should also be sure what type of room is included in the package deal.

You will often find that these golf packages can be customized, although you will usually have to pay a slightly higher rate. Sometimes there will be different pricing for weekends and weekdays, with the latter obviously going to be cheaper. As far as the time of the year, sometimes you will see packages advertised that are for a time in the future. You will often see specified dates for which the package is valid. It will often not be during peak times.

There are a few places you can check to see if there are any good Vegas golf packages during the time you wish to travel. One is, which is owned by the Golf Channel. They have a special tab on their website that details special offers, which change frequently. Another good site for this type of research is

Finally, you can take note of the hotels that frequently offer golf packages and go to them directly. The Stratosphere, Harrah’s and the Bellagio are a few you might want to start with. As is often the case in Vegas, even when you can book everything online, picking up the phone and talking to a real person might lead to a special offer you wouldn’t have found anywhere else. Best of luck on finding a good Vegas golf package! If you have any further comments or questions, let us know in the comments.

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