6 Common Las Vegas Scams

Las Vegas is said to be the “Entertainment Capital of the world.” It is an internationally-renowned resort known for gaming, fine-dining and shopping. It is also the number one cultural and financial center for Southern Nevada. That is why Las Vegas is among the most popular tourist destinations of the world. Tourists are mainly attracted by the tropical desert climate and the numerous casinos and hotels that can be found in nearly every corner of the city.

With the large influx of tourists from different parts of the world, there is bound to be some bad practiced accompanied by all the fun. They range from rip-offs to scams that may leave you broke and without the fun. These scams do not discriminate whether you are a local or a foreigner; everybody is vulnerable and a target of scams.

Some of the most popular scams that everybody should be aware of are:

Illegal games

In Las Vegas there are lot of illegal games all over the city especially on the bridge between Caesars palace and Bellagio. This is mainly contributed by the fact that there are few policemen in the area and the fact that there is ‘ample foot traffic’. The most popular illegal game recorded is the ‘Three-card Monte scam’.

‘Caught pants down’

This one happens where you list expect it-right in the restroom. Gangs of thugs rush in women’s bathrooms where they reach over the door while you are inside a bathroom stall and grab your purse off the door hooks. The thugs take the advantage of the fact that you will not have enough time to get out of the toilet and run after them. By the time you make yourself decent to come out of the toilet they are long gone.

John D’oh!

This is the one most common scams reported to the police. It usually involves a commercial sex worker and her client. It happens when a client takes a prostitute to his room. The prostitute in this case usually has no
intention of exchanging sex for cash as expected. While in the client’s hotel room, the prostitute suggests to the client that he freshens up. Immediately he steps into the bathroom the prostitute starts to clean-out
the client’s wallets, pockets and all the valuables in the room. By the time the client is done the prostitute is long gone. It is usually very difficult to apprehend such criminals as it is impossible to positively
identify them.

Bucket thieves

This scam happens mostly at the slot machines. It involves two or more thieves whereby one of them drops some cash and ask a nearby player if it’s theirs. Another thief grabs the bucket of the player while he is
distracted by the other thief. In other cases thieves target slot machines with high- credits where they usually press the ‘cash-out’ button and run-off with ‘redemption ticket’.

Taxi long-hauling.

Some taxi drivers are known to drive cab-riders on twisty routes so as to collect a higher fare. According to the ‘Taxi-cab Authority’ most of these cases happen on roads from ‘McCarran International Airport heading to the strip.

Free VIP passes

In Vegas, you will find promoters who offer free VIP tickets to night clubs almost in every corner of the streets and on casino floors. The promoter will lie that they only make money through tips while the truth
is they are usually paid by the club owners to give out the VIP passes. Now that you know about these scams, keep them in mind the next time you head to Vegas! By doing so, you can enjoy yourself and not have to worry
about getting ripped off.

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