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No other destination in the world can quite compare to the bright lights, entertainment, amenities and the wild 24-hour no-sleep atmosphere of Las Vegas. In just one day you could go witness a world-class show, dine at a sumptuous buffet, play extravagant games and then dance until the sun comes up.

But if you’re not careful, one big trip to Vegas could end up erasing your entire savings account. Affordable vegas vacations take a little bit of planning, but in our opinion they’re definitely worth the effort!

That’s exactly what this website aims to help you with. We’ve traveled to Vegas on a budget a number of times and can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t take away from your enjoyment one bit.

The truth is Vegas businesses want to attract as many visitors as possible, so most of them are willing to offer amazing discounts for just about everything. It’s up to you to find and take advantage of them.

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A General Introduction to Vegas Vacations for Cheap

First, the process should really start before you even arrive in Las Vegas. Taking a few minutes to compare flight prices can really make a difference, especially if your dates are relatively flexible.

Once you’ve booked your ticket to Vegas, the next thing to focus on is where you will stay. In general, will save money by choosing a hotel downtown or off the strip. But don’t completely rule out the strip, because there are often some great deals there as well if you hunt around. In addition, the time of the week can be a big factor, as Monday through Thursday will often have much cheaper rates. So if you can at all structure your vacation to include weekdays, it will often result in more money in your pocket.

With many aspects of a Vegas trip, such as airfare and lodging, the best way to score a great deal is to shop in advance and compare multiple resources to see who is offering the best prices. We give recommendations of how exactly to do this in our Vegas vacation articles.

Next, one of the best parts in Vegas is the food, and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy it! The buffets have recently been getting more expensive as they add more world-famous chefs and exotic offerings, but you can still find some very good ones. You can also take advantage of coupons and special programs to make them cheaper or even free! In addition, there are a number of places on the strip where you can grab a delicious hot dog or tacos at a ridiculously cheap price. Happy hour specials are also all over the place so you can get excellent deals on a drink.

After you’ve secured a place to stay and some good food to eat, you’ll naturally want to explore the various entertainment options Vegas has to offer. The big ticket shows often command a high price, but you can usually save a lot of money by purchasing a ticket in advance. (If you book your plane ticket a bit in advance, for example, you should look into the available shows right away instead of delaying.) Also, there are a number of shows that are completely free, and if you search for them, you can get some great entertainment without spending a dime! When you go out at night, if you can do without the most expensive nightclubs, you can still have a great time at the various lounges, many of which have no cover charge or a drink minimum!

Finally, another decision you’ll need to make is whether to purchase each major part of your vacation separately, or opt for a package deal that includes travel, hotel and often other amenities like show tickets, a car, and others. There’s no easy answer on this one, as both can be great deals. We cover the difference in more detail in our articles.

We hope you’re excited to plan your cheap vegas vacation so you can enjoy all the excitement without breaking the bank. The rest of the articles on our site will flesh out these ideas and show you exactly how to hunt for the best deals and cheapest vegas experience!

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